Guest of the second part of the evening show On est en direct this Saturday, November 27, Philippe Maneuver came to present his book Flashback Acide, where he narrates unknown and incredible anecdotes on the big names in rock and pop.

Asked by Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier on the genesis of his book, the famous journalist with sunglasses explains that the desire came to him after a discussion with a reader who regretted that the author’s previous book only addressed rather succinctly the themes of drugs and alcohol in the world of music. “I wanted to make a rock book that exceeded the limits,” explains Philippe Maneuver.

“I found myself in the category of toxic books, in amazing literature,” he continues. Even if he admits it: drugs and alcohol have been over for him for almost 25 years.

“I wanted to make a rock book that crossed the line. The music journalist #PhilippeManoeuvre is tonight in #OEED for his new book “Acid Flashback” which evokes a crazy, pop, incandescent era, but bygone: the good old days of rock’n’roll.

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