Saturday September 11, 2021, Eric Zemmour was the guest of Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé on the set of On est en direct. Invited as part of the political interview, the one who refuses to formalize his candidacy for the presidential election of 2022, while allowing real doubt about his intentions, had a real pass of arms with his former employer. ..

Eric Zemmour plays the watch. While the candidatures for the presidential election are becoming clearer, the former collaborator of Laurent Ruquier in the show We are not lying leaves the doubt as to his potential entry into the political spectrum. A potential candidacy that leaves no doubt to Laurent Ruquier, as he confided to our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien on July 2, 2021. “Will he go to the end, I don’t know. But I think so? although he will be a candidate. Especially after the results of the regional. Everything makes me say that. “, he analyzed with concern. According to the host who has been offering since the start of September 2021 a new format for his program On est en direct, on France 2, Eric Zemmour’s strategy is already in place. “When I see him almost calling De Gaulle or taking Instagram photos from Saint-Malo… There is a noticeable change in his attitude. His entourage pushes him. It must necessarily titillate him”.

Saturday September 11, 2021, Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé received Eric Zemmour on the set of the new formula of On is live. Guest of the political interview, the polemicist, who continues to cast doubt on a candidacy for the presidency, did not hesitate to go to the confrontation with his former employer. While Eric Zemmour evokes his show on Cnews as a television triumph, with 800,000 viewers on average, Laurent Ruquier was keen to reframe it. “Obviously you don’t know the numbers and I hope that in economics you will be better than that. We get about the same number of viewers, I agree with you. Except that you do them at 7 pm and we at midnight. It’s incomparable. What matters is the market share. You make 5%, we do two or three times as much, “explained Léa Salamé’s colleague. But Eric Zemmour does not hesitate to twist the figures to put them to his advantage by ignoring the notion of market share. This is how he retorted to Laurent Ruquier: “I only know the overall figures”. A very tense scene which will not fail to confirm the enmity which now binds the two men.

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