Eric Zemmour stronger than Jean Castex? The CNews columnist is the second political guest of Talk On season 2, and is live this Saturday, September 11, 2021 after a timid first in audience.

The second season of On is shaping up to be sporty with the presidential elections in the sights. A week after having inaugurated it in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Castex for Léa Salamé’s debut, Laurent Ruquier and the latter rediscover an old acquaintance in the person of Eric Zemmour. The latter, who will not escape questions about the possibility of a candidacy for 2022 registered by the CSA, will discuss the release of his book “France has not said its last word”.

Eric Zemmour is talked about a lot for a man who has not yet formalized his presidential ambitions. Jean Castex did not fail to react last Saturday in On est en direct: “Mr. Zemmour, every time I hear him, he makes a speech on the decline of France. He is one of those who bet on the decline of the country. Mr. Zemmour is a commentator, he handles ideas, he has the right to have his own, I do not share them “. A foreshadowing of the CSA’s decision to count the editorialist’s speaking time since Thursday, September 9?

The last simultaneous presence of Eric Zemmour, Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier dates back to April 15, 2017 in a special edition of We are not lying. On October 4, 2014, when the political journalist raged at the speakers’ table, CNews columnist presented her book “Le suicide français”, which sold more than 500,000 copies. His invitation was marked by strong tensions between the writer and Léa Salamé over the Vichy regime.

On Saturday September 4, Laurent Ruquier had a timid return to school gathering 709,000 viewers and 11.5% of the public aged 4 and over, a performance in decline compared to the first meeting of the first season. Will Eric Zemmour manage to beat this performance and knock out Jean Castex, first guest of the season?

The second issue of On est en direct is scheduled for this Saturday, September 11, 2021, from 11:30 p.m. on France 2.