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Stranded in South Africa since mid-March, allegedly for an ENT problem, Prince Albert’s wife plays Arlésiennes. By not even deigning to return for her 10 years of marriage, she sent a strong message. Why is it so big on her heart? The Monegasques are annoyed: the word divorce is out.

She was due to make a quick trip to South Africa, her homeland, in mid-March, to save the white rhinos from poaching. However, it has been almost six months since Charlene de Monaco, 43, returned to the Rock.

The princess is said to have contracted “a serious infection of the ENT sphere” while on safari, which prevents her from taking a plane. The Highness begins to be missed in his Principality, and the Monegasques see their Albert taking on the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, and the parties, solo. Not very royal all that.

The couple have not deigned to appear together since January 26. Worse still, the South African shone with her absence on July 1, the date which commemorated their 10 years of marriage.

Justice considers that the revelation of the existence of a hidden son of Prince Albert was of public interest, “given the hereditary nature of his functions” at the head of a State.

Jacques, the little crown prince of the Principality of Monaco, and his big sister Gabriella, number two in the order of succession, were presented Wednesday by their parents from a window of the palace.

Charlene of Monaco gave birth to twins at the Center hospitalier Princesse-Grace. The children are called Jacques and Gabriella.