EA today gives a little glimpse into the work in progress of their remake of Dead Space, the 2008 sci-fi horror shooter about removing legs from monsters like a cruel kid playing with a spider, besides that the monster here is sometimes a cruel child who is also a spider. Dead Space is a good thing, but like so many other games that are getting remakes and remasters these days, it’s basically still okay. I’m curious to see what’s dramatic enough to warrant a full remake. This Twitch stream is at 6:00 p.m. (10:00 a.m. Pacific) today and you can check it out below.

The Dead Space remake stream shows a WIP version and grabs the chat from some of the Leads of the game. There will also be some people from the Dead Space Community Council, a group made up of some of the franchise’s biggest fans who have consulted on this project. I guess they’ll say it’s cool or they wouldn’t be invited.

EA points out that what we’ll see on the stream is “an early prototype of the game and in no way final; it’s supposed to be Motive’s vision of Dead Space in Motion for the Community “.

The Dead Space remake was developed by the studio behind Star Wars: Squadrons and comes in Dice’s shiny modern Frostbite engine. EA has said they tweaked it with novelties, including “an improved story, characters, game mechanics, and more,” although they haven’t fully explained what that means. At least no microtransactions. I think we’ll get the novelty today.

Honestly, old Dead Space is basically still okay? A couple of inelegancies, some tech issues, and a lousy section (hello asteroids!) But does it fit the genre and game that it is? I like modern beauty, but not so much that I would buy it again. Ah, I’m not the target audience, am I?

For more info on Deadtalk, please see our look at how the series played more into action in the three games that some of the developers spoke to. Oh, I hope the remake isn’t shooter-y anymore?

Alice O’Connor

News editor

When you’re not messaging, Alice can be found in the sea.

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