The Police Minister and Acting Attorney General has issued a strong warning to those who wish to benefit from scalping State of Origin Game I tickets.

Mark Ryan said Queensland laws made ticket scalping a criminal offense and captured events in all Queensland stadiums, including Townsville’s Country Bank Stadium.

“This is a great moment for the sport in Queensland and a great moment for Townsville,” said Ryan.

“We don’t want real fans to be left out of the game because some unscrupulous people see an opportunity to make profits at the expense of others.

” And don’t forget that even those who have scalped tickets can be fined and not be able to use the tickets for the game. “

Legislation recognizes that people can only really buy tickets if, due to unexpected circumstances, they are no longer able to Tickets to use.

In these cases, tickets can be resold with a margin of no more than 10 percent.

The margin of 10 percent allows people who are unable to attend an event, the ticket price and eventual Reimbursement of costs related to resale of tickets.

Sellers of scalped tickets face a maximum fine of $ 2,669.00, while buyers of scalped tickets face a maximum penalty A threat of $ 667.25

In the run-up to State of Origin Game I, authorized tickets will only be available HERE and at Ticketmaster and will be available to the general public starting today (Wednesday, June 2nd at 3pm) .

To get a real ticket to enter the venue with, only purchase through the authorized ticket sellers.


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