A viral video captured the heartbreaking moment a man miraculously survived after being struck by lightning

in Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to local media, the 35-year-old man, who works as a security guard for a company in northern Jakarta, was on duty when he was struck by lightning.

In a video posted by local Media shared, the man can be seen under an umbrella in the rain while a huge truck is parked in the area.

A few seconds later, lightning strikes the man and the video shows sparks.

He is lying motionless on the ground. When he doesn’t get up, will be

Colleagues run to the spot to help him.

The security officer in Jakarta was struck by lightning while on duty, avoid using cell phones in the rain, the victim survived after 4 days of treatment. not everyone has an equal chance of living. 当選 確 率 #Bitcoin #NFTs $ BTC $ ETH #ALERT pic.twitter.com/4XhW6Oh3U9

The man was immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment. He suffered some burns to his hand but was lucky enough to be alive, Detik News reported. He was initially treated in the hospital for his hand burns, but was released after four days. Now he is resting and recovering at home.

It is believed that the security guard’s walkie-talkie he was holding attracted the lightning discharge.

In March, lightning struck four horticultural workers at a housing association into Gurugram. All four survived.

To avoid the rain, the four men were taking shelter under a tree when lightning landed right in front of their feet. Three of the victims fell to the ground immediately after the lightning strike. It seems hard for the victim to survive the tragedy, but luckily they survived to tell the story.

Ref: https://www.indiatimes.com