File photo of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) while crossing the Pacific Ocean, Oct. 13, 2018. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Devin M. Monroe / Released)

USS CARL VINSON – The United States completed ten days of joint military training in Asian waters with Japan and other allies on Tuesday, November 30th, to deter China from pursuing its territorial ambitions amid growing tensions in the region Tracking Taiwan.

The ANNUALEX exercise involved 35 warships and dozen of aircraft in the Philippine Sea off the southern coast of Japan. The US and Japanese armed forces were led by the nuclear-powered carrier USS Carl Vinson, which also included ships from Canada, Australia and, for the first time, Germany. On Tuesday, the Vinson was shadowed by a Chinese naval ship.

“We are trying to deter aggression from some nations showing burgeoning strength that we may never have seen before,” said Vice Admiral Karl Thomas, Commander of the 7th US Fleet, at a briefing aboard the aircraft carrier.

The exercise was meant to “tell these nations that today may not be the right day,” he said.

Thomas was appointed by Vice Admiral Hideki, commanding officer of the exercise Yuasa of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. Tokyo is home to the largest concentration of American forces outside the United States and is Washington’s most important ally in the region.

The increasing pressure from China on Taiwan is a concern in both Japan and the United States. Japan fears that major sea routes supplying it will come under Beijing’s rule should it gain control of the island. This move would also threaten US military bases in the region.

China, which regards Taiwan as a breakaway province, says its intentions in the region are peaceful.

The ten-day exercise limits a year of US exercises States, Japan and other countries including Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

This year, London dispatched its new $ 4.15 billion aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to the region, which was launched in September along with two Destroyers, two frigates and a submarine culminated in Japan.

To get there, it sailed the embattled South China Sea, of which China claims 90%. Also in September, the UK’s HMS Richmond crossed the strait separating the island from mainland China, leading to a reprimand from Beijing.

Tokyo, in its latest annual defense strategy paper, identified China as its greatest national security threat and said it had one “Sense of crisis” in relation to Taiwan as Chinese military activities intensify around the island.

The British airline joined a Japanese airline with the Vinson – which operates F-35 stealth jets – and the USSRonald Reagan for a rare four porter training exercise in the waters around Japan. –