Earlier this month, Draymond Green expressed his indifference to the play-in tournament, saying that “fighting for a play-in spot doesn’t motivate me at this stage in his career”.

Two nights later, Stephen Curry broke out in Atlanta for 37 points. A few nights later, at 41, Curry beat the Milwaukee Bucks. Since Green’s comments, the Warriors have won five of their last eight games, are two games back from number 8, and seem destined for a box office. Meanwhile, Curry averages 55.6% in April at 39.9 points, 49.2% of which from the 3-point range.

Aside, Curry’s sprained ankle, Golden State will be one of the top teams for the final month of the regular season, and Curry – the two-time MVP currently pushing Washington’s Bradley Beal for the title – is the kind of young player like that Want to avoid the Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies in a play-in tournament. As striker Juan Toscano-Anderson said last week, “Whenever you’re number 30 on your team, you’re a competitor … I don’t think any team looks at the playoffs and says,” We want the Golden State . ”

Starting with Monday night’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Warriors’ last 15 games are very fascinating. Let’s start the week with a mailbag. As always, many thanks to everyone who contributed. Questions for future mailbags can be sent on Twitter (@wcgoldberg) or by email ([email protected]).

It’s hard to deny that Steph Curry is the MVP of the NBA! He is option # 1, # 2, and # 3 for the warriors and STILL dominates !! – Earvin Magic Johnson

Okay, I was cheating. Magic didn’t write this to me, but it’s a great place to start. With LeBron James and James Harden missing a lot of time due to injuries, many believe the MVP pursuit is open to other candidates. But at this point, it’s the Nikola Jokic’s award at the Denver Nuggets Center that is to lose. Jokic ran away with the award in a recent poll conducted by ESPN, and Jokic was at the top for the fifth straight week in NBA.com’s weekly check-in. The same check-in didn’t match Magic and had curry on the ninth out of ten candidates. In the ESPN poll, Curry received the twelfth most votes. Curry’s numbers are undeniable, as is the fact that he put the Warriors in boxing position, but Golden State just isn’t good enough to justify Curry winning the MVP.

Before you start, let me hear your arguments: Curry shouldn’t be punished for his supporting cast or the Golden State losing record. If anything, it helps strengthen his case.

I know, I know. But look at the history of the MVP winners and players in Curry’s position, just don’t win them. Plus, Jokic deserved it as much as anyone: he’s been amazing all season (averaging 26.1 points at 56.7% shooting, 11 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game) and the Nuggets are fourth in the west. Joel Embiid missed the time too but should still be in the running due to the fact that (a) he’s unstoppable and (b) his 76s are the top seeds in the east.

When it comes to awards, Curry is much more likely to get the scoring title than the MVP. After his points boost, Curry averages 31.0 points per game, a hair below Beal’s average of 31.1. This is going to be tight – possibly closer than the MVP race.

The interesting thing is that if the NBA had used the original framework to reward the player with the most total points, Curry may have already won the title. In 1970 the rule was changed to give the player the highest point average per game. With 1,521 points, Curry is ahead of Damian Lillard (1,492) and Beal (1,462) from Portland this season.

Why wasn’t the DPE used with the team in the middle and James Wiseman for the season? – @Nickaiah.

There was no urgent need to trade for a center before last month’s close of trading, and now there is no major free agent worth the full $ 9.3 million disabled player exception that for Klay Thompson’s injury at the end of the season. Incidentally, this exception expires today.

After the DPE expires, Golden State will still have a portion of the mid-level tax exemption (valued at approximately $ 2M) and a 15th player will be able to freely sign for a 10-day contract or a Take out minimum veteran contract. I would expect the rest of the MLE to be used to sign Juan Toscano-Anderson into a guaranteed contract at some point, meaning the Warriors can only sign a free agent center for a smaller deal. If there was an available center charging a higher price it might be a problem, but there is no problem.
On the subject of matching items

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The warriors scan the market and will soon be able to add a player. Possible targets are Tyler Zeller, Omari Spellman, Noah Vonleh, Ian Mahinmi and Skal Labissiere.

Unpopular Opinion: I think we shouldn’t go against Beal (6-foot-3) as we’re giving up too much size on defensive liability 2. Our back space would be really small. You might trade for a stretch 5 or a 4 that can shoot and play the 5. The final line-up would be Steph-Klay-Dray-Wiggins- (4/5 able to defend 1/2 and switch on) more versatile overall. Just a thought. – @ KevzL12

Look, it’s a nice thought, but the warriors aren’t exactly capable of being picky – no team is. Sure, a center that can shoot and switch to enemy guards would be wonderful. But who is that? Karl Anthony-Towns can score, but is a defensive commitment at this point. Myles Turner is solid but does not achieve superstar status. Good luck with leveraging Embiid or Bam Adebayo.

It’s simple: when a player of Beal’s caliber becomes available, the warriors must go after him. Sure, a perimeter rotation of Curry, Beal, and Klay Thompson would give up size, but who cares? The Brooklyn Nets are giving up a ton of size and are a real contender for the title. If it is possible to acquire Beal, the Warriors should do so and deal with the size issue later when they get 120 points per game.

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