The project’s Waleed Aly stands by his controversial television interview with former AFL star Heritier Lumumba, despite ongoing criticism.

Last month, Channel 10 removed clips of the 2017 sit-down from its online platforms after footage of Aly doubting Lumumba’s allegations of racism resurfaced after an investigation into “systemic racism” by Collingwood Football Club for was found guilty.

“No, I have absolutely no regrets about the interview,” said Aly at the Hamilton red carpet premiere.

“I was approached by his team to conduct the interview. We did. I asked the questions that I think needed to be asked in the circumstances in which he needed to answer them. I think that this was part of the process we led to. ” this point.

At the time, Gold Logie winner Aly and his co-host Peter Helliar challenged Lumumba’s claim that he was referred to as a “chimpanzee” by his Collingwood teammates between 2005 and 2014.

“We can’t find anyone who would speak to us who knew of this nickname over a 10-year career,” Helliar said in 2017.

“Even if you have to name names, include us in your experience. Paint the picture so we can understand it better. If you don’t, it just sounds like you’re smearing an entire club.”

Last December, an independent review commissioned by Collingwood Football Club found evidence of racism within the club. Shortly thereafter, Collingwood President Eddie McGuire announced that he would step down later that year.

“… CFC’s damage control tactics are predictable. They likely involve a strategically crafted apology that will attempt to work your way out of real accountability,” he wrote.

“CFC has consistently avoided recognizing their toxicity and institutional failure, or how they punished me for speaking out and used their authority as an institution to publicly discredit me.”

ABC Offsiders panelist Gideon Haigh criticized the project after the results of the Collingwood report were published.

“Has it ever been so hard to seriously believe Lumumba? It seems to me that journalists willingly chose the club’s campaign to discredit it for its need for access, its general compliance and frankly its whiteness,” Haigh said .

“I urge all & members to ask @CollingwoodFC for better results. This report is heartbreaking. I’m really sorry for @iamlumumba. I should have believed you. I will do better,” wrote Helliar.


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