Benjamin Toniutti, Earvin Ngapeth, Kevin Tillie, Trévor Clevenot, Nicolas Le Goff and Jenia Grebennikov had already been part of the adventure during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games which had stopped in the group stage for the European champions in title after one last loss too many against Brazil. The six men will also be traveling to Japan. Of the twelve players he chose to retain for the Tokyo Olympics and whose name he unveiled, Friday on the sidelines of the Nations League which is currently taking place in Rimini and the day after his team’s fourth setback, against in Italy, Laurent Tillie has indeed decided to renew six: Toniutti, Ngapeth, Tillie, Clevenot, Le Goff and Grebennikov.

To these six elements and in the absence of Julien Lyneel, forced to give up following the Nations League and the Olympics, will be added compared to five years ago six players who will discover the Games: Antoine Brizard, Jean Patry, Stephen Boyer, Yacine Louati, Daryl Bultor and Barthélémy Chinenyeze. Unsurprisingly, the twelve lucky winners are all currently defending the colors of the France team in Rimini, where there are 17 of them currently in the rotation. Tillie’s selection for Tokyo is therefore expected. This does not prevent the French coach from having visibly experienced restless nights before making a final decision.

Laurent Tillie & his staff announce the 12 players selected for Tokyo Passeurs: B. Toniutti A.Brizard Center: N. Le Goff, B. Chinenyeze, D. Bultor Reception / attack: K. Tillie, E.Ngapeth, T. Clevenot, Y.LouatiPointus : J.Patry, S.BoyerLibero: J.Grebennikov➡️

“It’s always complicated to decide, because, as I said last night (Thursday) to the players, there is involvement, time spent together, joys, frustrations, emotions, we know that everyone gives the maximum, so it’s difficult to make choices that may seem unfair and misunderstood, but that you must make in all honesty and for the good of the group ”, thus entrusts on the site of the FFV the one who will pass hand to Brazilian Bernardinho after the Olympics. The receiver-attacker position has in particular forced Tillie to think carefully, with five players in the balance for four positions and a difficult choice to make between Louati and Thibaut Rossard, present in Rio in 2016 and who aspired to play his second consecutive Olympiad. . It will ultimately remain at the quay.

“In this position, we have a lot of talented players who perform, they were six on the starting line, Julien left this week, we dismissed Thibault because it seemed to us more suited to keep Yacine, Kevin, Trévor and Earvin in the collective. The choice was difficult, because Thibault has been there for a long time, he was coming out of a very good season in Italy. Unfortunately for him, he had a physical problem at the end, he was coming back well, but it was a bit short and we had to make a choice of group. “Hoping that this choice will this time allow the Blues to cross the first round.

The 12 players selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games
Barthélémy Chinenyeze (central / Vibo Valentia)
Jénia Grebennikov (libero / Trento)
Jean Patry (pointed / Milan)
Benjamin Toniutti (passer / Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle)
Kevin Tillie (receiver-attacker / Latina Cisterna)
Earvin Ngapeth (receiver-attacker / Kazan)
Antoine Brizard (ferryman / Saint Petersburg)
Stephen Boyer (pointed / Verona and Al Arabi)
Nicolas Le Goff (central / Montpellier)
Daryl Bultor (central / Tourcoing)
Trévor Clévenot (receiver-attacker / Piacenza)
Yacine Louati (receiver-attacker / Jastrzebski Wegiel)

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