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Vitaa and Slimane gave an interview to La Voix du Nord this Sunday, January 9, 2022. The two singers confided in the end of this long and beautiful collaboration which has lasted since 2018.

Since 2018, their collaboration has not gone unnoticed. Vitaa and Slimane often find themselves at the top of the charts with now famous titles such as Avant toi or Je vous gives. A meeting that was made thanks to the show The Voice. Slimane takes back the title A fleur de toi. A more romantic version of Vitaa’s song which does not leave the main interested party indifferent. Then follows a beautiful story of friendship which will lead to the duo that we know today.

After more than three years of collaboration, they decided to put an end to it. In November 2021 they announced the news, not without emotion during the NRJ Music Awards ceremony: “It was our last, we will go back to both solo,” said the singer discovered in The Voice. “I really wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart (…), I didn’t meet a singer or a friend, I met someone from my family, as if we had to find each other. You helped me to be a better person and I will miss you every day when we stop. I wanted to win this award so that we have this memory together “he concluded in tears.

An announcement that had aroused a wave of emotion among fans of the duo. But before leaving, Vitaa and Slimane, will be on tour in the four corners of France but also in Belgium. A farewell tour which will obviously be rich in emotion. On this occasion, the singer – currently pregnant and suffering from Covid-19 – and Slimane confided in the newspaper La Voix du Nord this Sunday, January 9, 2022. They confided that the end of this collaboration was planned from the start: ” This project was a parenthesis in our solo careers, a very beautiful parenthesis “assures the singer.

Same story for Vitaa: “It’s the end of a lot of things, it’s also the beginning of other things together. Resuming our solo careers, it was just planned. People will have to do it. to the idea of ​​Vitaa without Slimane and vice versa. We had a life before, we will have a life after “. But that the fans are reassured, this collaboration will always resonate a little bit, and for good reason, the two singers help each other on their respective album: “We are in the studio together to help each other on our respective albums”. A new adventure that begins!

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