Fans of Vincent Lagaf will soon have the joy of finding the troublemaker in an episode of Camping Paradis, where he plays the role of a circus director in open conflict with his son. The opportunity for the latter, interviewed in Télé Star to evoke his first difficult steps as an actor …

Vincent Lagaf managed to escape the formidable Father Fouras of Fort Boyard, at least the time to shoot in an episode of one of TF1’s successful series, Camping Paradis. Fans of the former host of the Bigdil and the Fair Price will have the joy of finding him there on Monday August 30 in the role of a circus director in open conflict with his son. A role for which he was not able to draw inspiration from his own relationship with his only son Robin since the two men, both passionate about extreme sports, get along perfectly …

Aspiring actor, the Flyboard virtuoso is happy to have found here a new chance to try his hand at comedy. When Nicolas Copin, the director offers him this role, he plunges without hesitation despite a first television experience which ended in failure: “I had already played in the television movie Cher tight in 2012. From my glory days in access prime time, I expressed to TF1 the desire to make fiction. And I was given this role. But Didier Albert, the director, told me ‘I want you to do like Coluche in Tchao Pantin’ ” , he remembered. “I didn’t want to, I wanted to make people laugh! But I had resolved to not pass for the pest of service. And that did not work!” He confided with franchise to our colleagues from Télé Star.

This tailor-made role of animal and circus lovers, Vincent Lagaf has fully invested in it and obviously he aspires to positive feedback from viewers. Robin’s father hopes that his participation in Camping Paradis will give him “other opportunities to act.” “I am currently doing it on tour with the play Pair et Miss. the reins of a series, why not, “he launched before concluding,” but above all I do not want to disappoint the public “. The former star host of TF1 should soon be fixed …

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