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A skills employment path created to help local authorities and associations to recruit.

As a preamble to the West Aveyron community council, last week, the director of Pôle emploi en Aveyron came to explain to elected officials a new measure decided by the government to stem the rise in unemployment at the end of the health crisis and which particularly concerns the territory of the great French city.

“Following the pandemic and mass unemployment, such as partial unemployment, the Skill Employment Course was designed to help communities and associations to recruit,” explains Florence Viargues. The people who can benefit from it are those who are registered with Pôle Emploi, who are at least 18 years old and live in a revitalizing rural area, which is precisely the case in the West Aveyron community.

This Skill Employment Path is a minimum 9-month employment contract for a minimum of 20 hours per week but up to 30 hours. Communities and associations will be helped by the state up to 80% of the minimum wage to finance these hires. “It is not forbidden to do a 35-hour contract, but these 5 additional hours will not be helped,” said the director of Pôle emploi Aveyron. And, a sine qua non for this contract to work is that it must be signed no later than the day before the actual hiring. “These measures are carried out by the Public Employment Service and the Labor Department,” adds Florence Viargues.

“Unemployment is gaining ground, this measure is made to prevent it but also to fight against the spiral of long-term unemployment,” insists the director of Pôle emploi Aveyron. “A whole team is mobilized in the service of elected officials so do not hesitate to abuse it. I hope I have convinced you to give people their chances,” said the latter to the assembly of mayors of OAC. Because, indeed, this career path can be a springboard for unemployed people who can thus regain a foothold in working life and even if this does not end with a permanent contract, it can lead to obtaining certifications or validation of prior experience (VAE). The sub-prefecture, the departmental council, the local mission, Cap emploi and Pôle emploi are the main interlocutors of this new measure for employment.

In the first quarter of 2021, the unemployment rate in Oouest Aveyron community (OAC) is 7.20% among the working population. This figure is slightly increasing since it was 6.9% throughout 2020 in this same territory. At the same time, the unemployment rate in Rodez is 4.7% and in Aveyron 5.9%, which still represents the lowest rate in Occitanie. On the other hand, we observe an increase in unemployment among young people under 26 (0.3%) and an increase in RSA beneficiaries of 3.5%.