On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, fireworks were fired in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. Awakened by the noisy spectacle, several witnesses reacted on social networks.

It’s a surprise that the sleepy residents would have gone well … Last night, around 1am, a fireworks display was fired in the heart of Lyon, a priori near the Guillotière district and the Mazagran square in the 7th arrondissement. Awakened by the intensity of the shooting, many Lyonnais posted messages on social media to testify to this unexpected scene.

The fireworks show lasted several minutes and even the Rhône firefighters explained to our colleagues from Lyon Mag that they had heard it without having to intervene. It remains to know the authors of this wild fireworks display and the intended intentions, the first hypotheses speaking of supporters or simple party-goers who are a little tipsy (lol). Still, the night many inhabitants of the city were cut short by this noisy episode.

When at 1am … # lyon7 #guillotiere #placemazagran @leprogreslyon @lyonmag @prefetrhone @ MohamedChihi007 @gregorydoucet @FannyDubot @Interieur_Gouv pic.twitter.com/QCSFHJFVpQ

A fireworks display in Lyon at 1am in the middle of the week … Always a pleasure to wake up with a start like that …?

Almost 1am, I wake up with a fireworks display at #lyon I wake up at 5am, who should I thank ?!

I watched Cnews so much this week that I thought the #Lyon fireworks display was the start of a civil war. The confinement does not work for me at all

And another fireworks display, to whom do we owe it this time? Maximum security in our city .. @Gregorydoucet @grandlyon #lyon #feudartifice pic.twitter.com/PGnvBrTN9F

Ref: https://www.lebonbon.fr