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Images of a school bus accident in which passengers were not buckled up have been released in the United States to remind people of the importance of wearing seat belts.

Is your child still reluctant to fasten his seat belt on the bus? This video should change his mind. The images of a school bus accident in the United States, in Ohio in 2019, have been made public by the accident investigation office (BEA-TT). The school bus had been hit on the side by a car that did not respect a red light at a crossroads. He had laid down on his right side before coming to rest against a crash barrier.

Under the violence of the shock, we see the young passengers immersed in their smartphones take off from their seats and waltz like disjointed puppets before bumping into the ceiling of the bus, without being able to fight against the centrifugal force. Only the attached driver remains clinging to his seat and to his steering wheel. In the United States, passengers are not required to fasten their seat belts.

“No passenger has managed to keep up despite the low speed of the bus at the end of the rotation”, explains the BEA-TT. Of the twenty-five passengers on board, eight students had been declared in “relative urgency”. No passenger had died.

In France, the accident investigation office, responsible for analyzing major land accidents, indicates that “hanging on to the seats is not enough because the dynamic and gravity forces are too great in intensity and too sudden”. It’s almost impossible to get out of a bus crash unscathed without being strapped in.

Seat belts have been compulsory since 2003 on buses in France. This obligation is not always respected by young passengers. Nearly two million students take the bus in the morning and evening to go to school, college or high school. The PV in case of non-compliance is 135 €. A fine sent to parents for minor passengers.

By definition, buses circulate in urban areas and have “standing” places. In this case, what would the standing passengers do to buckle up?
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