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Since September 6, Bébel’s spirit has hovered over many television sets. In On est en direct, broadcast on Saturday evening on France 2, Laurent Ruquier could not help but recall a nice memory to Josiane Balasko in the company of the Magnificent.

After a national tribute decreed by the Elysée Palace, the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo took place on Friday, September 10, 2021 in complete privacy. Since the tributes follow one another on social networks, as well as on television sets. And one thing is certain … Sadness is noticeable on all levels. With relatives and those who are not so close to this legendary actor. Absent during the national tribute ceremony to the Magnificent, Alain Delon came to say goodbye the next day to his lifelong friend. Touched by the sudden disappearance of Bébel, the Cheetah could not hold back his tears inside the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in Paris.

Her daughter, too, couldn’t contain her grief for very long. A few hours after the funeral, Anouchka Delon paid tribute to the unfailing friendship maintained by this very great man and his dad. The latter expressed her gratitude and admiration for these “monsters” of French cinema on her Instagram account. “The clown and the august. […] Always pulling the plug, as inseparable. Never one above the other, always side by side. Forever linked. Two brothers. A family that is inseparable from each other. shares the pain of the other. Jean-Paul forever in our hearts, forever in the hearts of the French “, she declared.

All subjects are good for giving a tender thought to Jean-Paul Belmondo, who died at the age of 88. And Laurent Ruquier understood it well. On the occasion of the arrival of Josiane Balasko on the set of the program On est en direct on France 2, the host honored the memory of this monument of French cinema. While Marilou Berry’s mother was invited to talk about her play Un chalet à Gstaad, the actress recalled a memory alongside Bébel. This had “had a scene” in The Animal facing Jean-Paul Belmondo. For her, the star was “a lovely man”. As for the man, the latter had declared to his friend, Claude Zidi: “Hey, what’s the name of the little one? You saw how she sends. She has character”. Like what, everything predestined Josiane Balasko to a successful career.

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