A lot of things happened on August 30! For example, it was on August 30, 2016 that Emmanuel Macron resigned from his post of minister, before launching, successfully, to the post of President of the Republic. But for Thomas Sotto, August 30 is more like Laurent Delahousse.

If several programs have not yet launched their return to school, Télématin had a little head start: since Monday, August 23, Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali are on the bridge from 6 am to present the famous France 2 program. first issue was targeted by some criticism, but otherwise, the two hosts continue to try to find their marks, in the midst of a host of columnists. Among them, Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali can count on Mathilde Terrier. Twice a day, the journalist comes to the stage to present a column entitled Back in time. The idea is simple: to look back on significant events of today’s date in previous years. August 30 allowed the columnist to discuss frog fishing, the appearance of the first digital camera, but also a speech by Emmanuel Macron. It was on August 30, 2016 that the Head of State resigned from his post while he was Minister of the Economy.

If he made no remark during the first visit of his colleague, Thomas Sotto could not help but notice, the second time, that he was missing “a fundamental August 30”. “August 30, 1969 … Ah!”, He added, leaving Julia Vignali and Mathilde Terrier in full question. The presenter did not make the suspense last, and explained: “Birth of Laurent Delahousse … Happy birthday Laurent, we kiss him”.

The opportunity for Julia Vignali to learn something about her colleague. “You gave the date, so now we know his age,” she remarked. “He’s not hiding it, don’t worry,” reassured Thomas Sotto. And Mathilde Terrier concludes: “I completely missed out on this info, I’m not sure I’ll get over it!” Laurent Delahousse will certainly forgive her.

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