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The first of five celebrities vying for this week’s Shopping Queens, Anggun struggled to find the right outfit. But faced with the pants presented by a saleswoman, the singer was dubious.

Here is one dressed for the winter! This week, five personalities from different universes but united by their love of fashion invited themselves to the Queens du shopping showroom to win a colorful competition. And it was Anggun who opened the ball, this November 29, she who accepted the proposal of M6 to make proud her daughter, a big fan of the show.

But will her simple, very cocooning tastes suffice when faced with the madness of Frédérique Bel, the expertise of Jade Leboeuf or even the daring of Clara Morgane? In any case, it’s ball in mind, with a timing to be respected, that the singer of Indonesian origin has launched into the streets of Paris in search of a look where she would be attractive in pants. No small task for the one who is used to having a whole team to help her choose her clothes for the light.

However, Anggun knows what suits him and what does not at all meet his standards. So, when Salomé, a friendly saleswoman from a boutique very focused on the pattern, showed her fringed leather pants, the response from the Mask Singer juror was not long in coming. “It’s very Florent Pagny,” she said, quickly putting the futal back on the rack.

A line that greatly amused her competitors backstage, Elsa Esnoult even singing the song on the song Savoiraimer of the one who wears the crocodile jacket like no one else. Same chorus, a few minutes later, with sequined pants that this time caught his attention. “It’s my Johnny Hallyday side,” she enthused. Enough to light the fire during the parade?

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