It’s D-Day for Nagui! On this Saturday, September 11, Mélanie Page’s husband is launching his new show on France 2: The Artist. A new concept in which he placed a lot of hope. So much so that he suspects TF1 of having tried to put sticks in the wheels. Indeed to his surprise, the first channel of the post chose to broadcast The Voice, one of its flagship programs, on the same date. A gesture that the host of Don’t forget the lyrics did not appreciate at all. “Our date was announced, known to many people in the business and it is clearly a counter-programming that was decided by TF1,” he lamented on France Info.

The fact remains that many viewers, intrigued by its new concept, followed the first issue with attention. The opportunity for them to discover the 22 talents of this edition, including Joseph Kamel, a candidate that Nagui did not fail to spoof …

When Joseph Kamel entered the set to perform Stromae’s song All the same, one detail jumped out in the eyes of viewers: its size! Indeed the candidate from Caen seemed to measure not far from two meters. Enough to create an amusing paradox with Nagui who himself is not really known for his large size … “You were born in Cairo”, he said to his foal, before adding: ” At least you can see that in Cairo we are growing faster than in Alexandria! “

The Voice All Stars: Nikos sings with the coaches and totally surprises the Internet social networks Arnaud Ducret: his ultra romantic marriage proposal to Claire Francisci Albert II: Gad Elmaleh reveals a funny anecdote about his meeting with Charlene’s husband

COMMEMORATIONS – The tribute ceremony began at 8:46 a.m. (2:46 p.m. in France), when the first pirated plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center

On sale from October 25 throughout France, they will be available in Sète from October 22, its anniversary date.

In his last show D’ailleurs, which the journalists of Parisien were able to attend, Gad Elmaleh looks back on his meeting with Albert II of Monaco, the uncle of his ex Charlotte Casiraghi. And the least we can say is that he was not really comfortable …

The operation full of confidence failed for Lille, who sank 2-1 Friday against Lorient without complex at the opening of the 5th day of Ligue 1, just before facing the Champions League.

He leads his career full blast, exploring all genres, from the arrogant spy in the comedy “OSS 117. Red Alert in Black Africa” ​​to the maniacal investigator in the festival-winning thriller “Black Box” of the French-language film by Angoulême. While waiting to reconnect with his first love, the boards, Pierre Niney does not refrain from daring.

SAD MEMORIES – This Saturday, twenty years after the September 11 attacks, ceremonies are being organized in the United States

The twenty years of the deadliest attacks in history are commemorated this Saturday in the United States. A solemn tribute in a context marked by the departure of the Americans from Afghanistan.

The right-wing candidates, whether or not they accepted the principle of a primary, all responded to the parliamentary days of the Republicans, in Nîmes. The opportunity for a common photo widely distributed on social networks and a great oral in front of elected officials.

The indictment of Agnes Buzyn is a “worrying precedent” in the eyes of several walkers. But not only.

For some time, signs of reconciliation dragged here and there. Karine Le Marchand only confirmed their reunion with Internet users in an Instagram post published this Friday, September 10 with a nice statement to her ex, JoeyStarr.

El Salvador on Tuesday became the first country to make bitcoin legal tender for any transaction, alongside the dollar that replaced the national currency, the colonist, 20 years ago.

You can be 100 years old and be a fashion influencer! So to celebrate the birthday of Iris Apfel, famous American designer, H&M unveils an original and colorful collection in collaboration with the most influential fashion icon.

Tonight, don’t miss “Cartouche” broadcast on C8, served by Jean-Paul Belmondo, in this third adaptation of the adventures of the famous brigand …

Former German world champion Jérôme Boateng was fined 1.8 million euros to his ex-partner.

Do you want to find stylish and comfortable outfits for your children, at a low price? While simplifying your life? Don’t move, we’ve found the ideal concept for your kids!

Gastronomy, leisure … Every weekend at 6:38 am, Marion Sauveur and Vanessa Zha present a product, a producer and all the tips for re (discovering) a region. Today, direction Tarn-et-Garonne.

The head of French diplomacy will go to Qatar to discuss a possible continuation of the evacuations.

TF1 broadcast this Saturday, September 11 the all-star season of The Voice. Among the talents to retry the adventure, Al.Hy, seen in the first edition. Confidences.

Climate change and the irrevocable loss of ecosystems threaten global stability and decide the Ministry of the Armed Forces to step up on the subject with a strategy in favor of biodiversity.