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This Sunday, May 9 on the plateau of Vivement dimanche, Michel Drucker had notably invited Jérémy Frérot. And the host could not resist the curiosity to hear some news about his second child, whose partner Laure Manaudou gave birth last January.

Jeremy Frérot

Michel drucker

It was in 2014 that Jérémy Frérot became known to the general public by participating in the fourth season of The Voice alongside his accomplice Flo Delavega. Unfortunately eliminated in the quarter-finals after performing Je m’voyais already by Charles Aznavour, the duo nevertheless captured the attention of the public and of the Capitole Music France label, which produced their first album under their artist name, Fréro Delavega. It will be certified double diamond disc. The following year, in 2015, they released their second opus entitled Des ombres et des lumière, certified double platinum. They finally make the decision to go their separate ways after their last tour in France in June 2017.

Since the start of 2015, Jérémy Frérot has shared the life of Laure Manaudou. The singer and the Olympic swimming champion are the happy parents of two children: a little Lou, born July 18, 2017, and another little boy with an unknown first name born in January 2021. Laure Manaudou is also the mother of ‘a little girl, Manon, born April 2, 2010 and the result of her union with swimming champion Frédérick Bousquet. In her Instagram story on March 20, she confided that she suffered from postpartum depression: “Thank you for the filters to remove the dark circles, the remains of tears, the fatigue. The postpartum of a third is even more difficult … Don’t think that it is easier in other people. “

Invited on the set of Vivement Dimanche, Jérémy Frérot confirmed that his partner was indeed tired but that she felt better: “She is fine, tired but she is fine!” “And Michel Drucker to question him about his last child and to ask him one of the ridiculous questions of which he has the secret:” Is he swimming already? “Embarrassed response from the young dad:” No, he doesn’t have webbed feet and he doesn’t have vocal cords yet. But maybe he already inherited a father’s sense of humor?

Jeremy Frérot

Michel drucker

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