His private life was turned upside down by a real earthquake. 10 years ago, Anne Sinclair found herself embroiled in a global media whirlwind when her husband, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then director of the IMF, was arrested after being accused of rape by Nafissatou Diallo, maid of the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan. On the occasion of the release on June 2 of her memoirs (Past composed, at Grasset), the former journalist confided in this very painful episode of her life in the program “Sept à Huit”, broadcast this Sunday on TF1.

If she supported her husband during the storm, the couple will eventually separate a year later, in 2012. Remained silent so far on this episode of her life, she chose to say everything today. “Imagine if I took out my memoirs and didn’t talk about it, what would you say? (…) I called it the impossible chapter: impossible not to tell it and impossible to tell. to do in the most modest and honest way, without telling facts or exchanges. I wanted to tell the shock that it produced on me “, explains the former presenter of” 7 sur 7 “.

A strong woman admired by all, was Anne Sinclair at the time under the influence of her husband? “I don’t know if it’s a hold, anyway, it was probably also my doing, not just his. I was a bit like my mother, in the fear of disagreement. (… ) I did not support conflicts, that’s what I call the grip. I was a woman who managed the budget and the family, who questioned the powerful, but emotionally we are sometimes, if not dominated, of the less a little put on the side, admits the journalist, now 72 years old.

The DSK scandal was all the more difficult for Anne Sinclair as the intimate betrayal became a public humiliation. “It was like being in the middle of a battle: either we run off, or we face it. Me, I decided to hold on”, she explains while admitting to having been “stunned and confused” when it fell on him.

“We do not leave a man on the ground,” hammers the one who kept her head held high when everyone was pointing the finger at her. “It’s difficult to be in a story with facts that are not my doing. I was in a situation of solidarity, because that’s what I had chosen to be at that time. . But it is true that all that was not very easy “.

Was she blinded by her love denial or was she rather a victim of DSK’s ability to manipulate? “I think I was in denial. In this story, I wanted to say two things: I never had a devouring desire to go to the Elysee. (…) And even if it seems strange , I assure you it’s true, I didn’t know anything. It must be called denial, when you refuse to see and I obviously refused to see, but with all the good faith in the world. I know that may make me sound like a dark idiot, but that’s my truth, “she says. “In this book, I am not saying everything, but everything I say is true”.

Although she was shaken by this story, Anne Sinclair is doing well. If she got away with it, she said, it was thanks to her work and the support of those close to her. “I created the Huffington Post with an amazing team and who gave me a lot of joy, I wrote books. I was very helped by the love of my children, my grandchildren, my stepchildren whom I always see and my companion who has been powerfully by my side, so generous and wonderful “. She even says of the latter, academician Pierre Nora, that he saved her life. “He did not retrieve me from the Garonne! But he gave me back the joy of living. I do not seem completely devastated, right?”.

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