The Department of Criminal Investigation and Police Investigations (CIID) has explained why they are holding weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko and saying that he is being investigated for fraud.

This was revealed by CIID spokesman Charles Twine when he spoke to journalists that the weekly safety briefing was on Monday morning.

Ssekitoleko was part of the group of Ugandan athletes who flew to Japan to attend the Tokyo Olympics, which began on Friday, July 23 .

However, when he got there, he left his team members, leaving a note stating that he had no intention of returning to Uganda, which Japanese security officials led to a man hunt until he was arrested and was deported.

Upon his arrival in Uganda, officials from the National Council of Sports – NCS said they would not arrest him, but they would help rehabilitate him n, although he had to show up at the CIID first to be questioned from where he was arrested.

“Ssekitoleko was flown to Japan even though he did not qualify. While his colleagues were being taken to the Olympic Village, he was taken to another city and put in a hotel while doing nothing. He was informed by NCS officials that he never got the required score and that he should return home, but he decided to flee, “Twine told journalists.

Twine revealed that the athlete was during The interrogation revealed that he was frustrated when he was told to return to Uganda for having worked for four years to go to the Olympics.

“He states that he was totally frustrated because he left the country to go to the Olympics and saw no reason why they told him to come back. “

” He revealed that he had thought about suicide, but after seeing his family – girlfriend, sibling and he reconsidered. ”

According to Twine, the police are investigating whether Ssekitoleko played a role in the airlift fraud committed by a person who did not stand up for Yep had qualified.

“It is a likely fraud to blow a person knowing full well that they did not qualify and knowing that they will not participate. The question is; Was he part of the fraud conspiracy, “Twine wondered.

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