Neo seems to have forgotten everything about the adventures of the first Matrix trilogy. And this is very practical because the public has probably also forgotten a good part of the plot of the science fiction saga … Such are the premises of this fourth installment of The Matrix, called Resurrections, of which the band -mysterious and action-packed announcement has just been unveiled on September 9, 2021. Director Lana Wachowski’s new film had prepared its arrival with the broadcast a few days earlier of small clips on a website launched to support the promotion of the film . This site took advantage of some personal data to offer personalized messages to Internet users. You can discover the first images of this fourth part. Illusion, technology, philosophy, action, new and old characters jostle in the purest Matrix spirit.

In these images we can see our hero Neo still embodied by Keanu Reeves. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jonathan Groff and Carrie-Anne Moss are recognizable in the plans unveiled. We know that the cast will bring together some old faces and new ones: Jada Pinkett-Smith will play Niobe, Daniel Bernhardt, Agent Johnson and Lambert Wilson will resume his role as Merovingian. Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci and Priyanka Chopra were also announced.

Neo seems to have forgotten the first trilogy and the Matrix is ​​determined to control him. Despite visions and memories, our hero back in our world (actually artificial) seems to be controlled by a psychiatrist and heavy treatment that prevents him from who the Matrix. A treatment that takes the form of the famous blue pills that fans will recognize.

Is he mad or are we hiding the truth once again? Resurrections takes us back to the very concept of the very first episode that revolutionized the genre. Fans of action and sci-fi will delight in the images of the second part of the trailer where the balls are slowed down by the thought and the scenes are more surprising than the others.

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