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Florian Gazan was Michel Drucker’s guest on Sunday May 9th. The former friend and close collaborator of Jean-Luc Delarue, himself a TV host, notably shared some memories of his accomplice and even compared him to a famous French singer.

Jean-Luc Delarue

Since he is back on the airwaves of France 2, Michel Drucker seems to have recovered from the hair of the animal and continues the shoots of Vivement Dimanche without showing the slightest sign of weariness for the moment. He is once again the formidable interviewer capable of giving birth to his guests on the most intimate subjects. Vianney had unfortunately recently confided in the couple he formed with cellist Catherine Robert: “It’s the eye of Moscow, Michel, it’s not possible! “, Even exclaimed the juror of The Voice. This Sunday, May 9, it was first Jérémy Frérot’s turn to reveal some details about the birth of his second child. Then came Florian Gazan’s turn to speak about his friend Jean-Luc Delarue.

The “left arm” of Jean-Luc Delarue as he defines himself, has indeed been part of almost all of his projects. It was therefore totally legitimate to ask him what memories he has of him. Response from the person concerned: “A lot … Already a mess, because leaving so early is still tragic”, he begins by recounting, “And then of someone who was an eminently complex character, a bit like Claude François, whom we both knew well. They were big print people, a roller coaster capable of being angry and adorable the second after. Florian Gazan is indeed the godson of the famous singer. He continues with emotion: “[He] was a huge talent, a visionary too. Someone who sadly got lost and who I miss very much today. “A beautiful praise that however awkwardly concluded Michel Drucker by declaring:” Obviously, he left an important mark on television. “He lacked flair at the time …

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