It is 50 years in the life of her idol, Celine Dion, that Valérie Lemercier has decided to play and direct in a film loosely based on the singer’s life. The biopic is titled “Aline”, named after the singer in the film, renamed Aline Dieu.

For the 8 p.m. of TF1, Valérie Lemercier went behind the scenes of this film, assuring, “it was my easiest shoot”. “I watched her so much,” admits the French actress of the Quebec singer of whom she admires “everything, her, her personality, her clown side, her sincerity, her generosity”.

In this film, Valérie Lemercier embodies her idol from her 10 years old to today. This performance was made possible thanks to small tricks, like squatting behind a wall to appear smaller and special effects. The adults were thus filmed from one angle and Valérie Lemercier from another so that the viewer had the sensation of seeing her with the size of a little girl.

Tricks that amused the actress a lot. “It was fun going through the ages, going through the ages, being 10 in the morning and 45 in the afternoon,” she says. But it is above all his admiration for Celine Dion that has fueled this film. To the point that Valérie Lemercier admits, she dreamed of it. “I’m with them, I’ve been living with them for a few years,” she says of the couple Celine Dion formed with her artistic agent and husband, René Angélil.

The actress did not fail to have a thought for her idol, who recently announced that she had to give up a series of concerts until February 2022 because of health concerns. “I mean I love her. I want to wish her a good recovery, I want her to be well, to take care of her,” she said on the set of TF1.

After a year of waiting, because of the Covid, the biopic is finally released and Valérie Lemercier hopes that among her spectators, will find her idol. “I hope she sees it, before I die, I hope she likes it,” she jokes. The film is scheduled in 50 countries and is due out on November 10 in France.

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