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At 8:30 p.m., Sunday on France 2, this September 26, Laurent Delahousse received Leïla Bekhti and Cyril Lignac. The actress and the chef took the opportunity to settle their scores in friendship, live.

Sunday September 26, 2021, Laurent Delahousse received chef Cyril Lignac at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. The opportunity for the troublemaker of M6 to discuss his return to television which promises to be very busy. “To have you, it’s more complicated than having Daniel Craig for James Bond, it’s Cyril James Bond”, joked the journalist. The starred restaurateur told France 2 to be very curious. “It is this curiosity that drives my career, that is to say that I make restaurants with different menus, different sensations. I make pastry, we opened a restaurant in London. It is this. curiosity to approach cooking in different ways, to create, to share with my teams … It is all these values ​​that make it possible to transmit and that make me want to give back “, said the chef on the France 2 set .

On the set, Laurent Delahousse was joined by Leïla Bekhti. Tahar Rahim’s companion will be showing in the film Les Intranquilles on September 29. As soon as she arrived on the set at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the actress and mother of two could not help but smile when she saw her friend Cyril Lignac around the table. It must be said that the actress revealed by the film Sheitan, by Kim Chapiron, knows him well. The journalist from France 2 also took the opportunity to make a remark in this direction to his two guests. “What’s the use of introducing yourself, you two know each other?” Asked the presenter.

Leïla Bekhti could not help but smile when she saw her friend, Cyril Lignac, sitting in front of her. “Yes, we know each other well,” said the actress. And to add: “We obviously know each other about cooking”. And when Laurent Delahousse asked Tahar Rahim’s wife if the pastry chef gives her advice, the latter replied categorically: “Unfortunately no”. Faced with this sentence, Cyril Lignac did not hesitate to retort: ​​”She likes to eat well. She is very sharp”.

A remark that immediately made the actress react. “It is because of you, among other things, that I gained 27 kilos with each of my pregnancies, so obviously, it is someone that I do not like very much. It depends on the moments”, a- she declared to Laurent Delahousse, in front of a hilarious Cyril Lignac. Who loves well chatises as well.

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