The news was announced by Microsoft during its conference at E3, the biggest video game event of the year. Flight Simulator, the visual prowess of Microsoft and Asobo Studio from Bordeaux arrives on Xbox Series X and S tomorrow, Tuesday July 27th.

This flight simulator allows you to travel in different planes around the world with a visual quality unmatched until then. Its arrival on Microsoft’s next generation of consoles was only a matter of time – and adaptation. Indeed, the level of detail offered by the game makes it one of the most massive ever released.

In 2020, the enthusiasm for Flight Simulator was materialized when it won the video game of the year award at the PÃ © gases, equivalent to the Cesar for video games in France. He was notably rewarded for his “visual excellence”.

The port of Flight Simulator on Xbox must also benefit from its PC version. Indeed, an update is planned – always on July 27 – to improve performance. Until now, the configurations necessary to play the game have been relatively discriminating for medium-powered computers. This update should fix that.

During the conference, Microsoft also announced an expansion of the game based on the famous Top Gun movie, dubbed Top Gun: Maverick. The team promises a “first-class experience, in the shoes of an elite pilot in the United States Navy”. This expansion will be available on PC and Xbox Series on November 19, 2021.