The 18/10/2021
at 11:09 p.m.

Franck is one of the flagship farmers of the sixteenth season of Love is in the meadow. He is ready to open his heart to love. However, on Monday, October 18, in an unprecedented episode of the show, the latter put Anne-Lise, one of his contenders, in the background. Would the silviculturist be intimidated?

For several years, the show L’amour est dans le pré has been the dream of many farmers, and delighting thousands of viewers. In this new 2021 season, a man named Franck has entered. Its goal ? Succeed in opening your heart and living a love story similar to that of the emblematic couple formed by Lucile and Jérôme. “Without the show, their union would not have been feasible (…) I clicked (…) When I saw them, it seemed so obvious”, he had also declared to their purpose.

However, the latter had already met love in the past. Once, some time before his participation in the dating program broadcast on M6. Franck did not hide it and had spoken about it at length in an interview with Télé Star magazine. Despite the breakup, his former partner even struggled to detach from her previous (and only) relationship. “When I told her that I was doing the show she was happy but she has trouble watching. She told me, for her it’s still too hard,” he confessed. And for his part, Franck had also kept a few habits that were unlikely to please his new contenders. The 46-year-old man had kept in touch with his ex, who had nevertheless rebuilt his life, and spoke to him “every fortnight”.

And in addition to exchanging regularly with his former partner, has Franck also lost his good manners? On this Monday, October 18, 2021, in a new episode of Love is in the meadow, his courtesan Anne-Lise organized a date to discover more in depth the man who makes his heart beat again. Vintage clothes and carriage, viewers were able to discover a woman ready to conquer the heart of her beloved. And the latter made it clear in front of the cameras. “I hope her heart will speak,” she said, referring to the farmer. “My prince”, exclaimed Anne-Lise seeing the candidate arrived. Unfortunately, the message was not heard by Franck since he retorted: “Hello Sir … Uh, I greet the gentleman”, before heading towards his poor sweetheart … That’s what l ‘we call … A wind!

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