The 22/12/2021
at 10:04 p.m.

The final of France has an incredible talent takes place this Wednesday, December 22. If each of the candidates is ready to give a most impressive show, they will have to deal with the absence of a member of the jury: Marianne James.

Wednesday, December 22 marks the final of France has an incredible talent. After several weeks of adventures, 13 finalists compete to try to win the victory trophy and the 100,000 euros reserved for the winner. Once again, everyone is trying to get out of the game by offering a most impressive show to viewers and the jury made up of Eric Antoine, Hélène Ségara, Sugar Sammy and Marianne James.

But the beginning of this final number was marked by the absence of a juror: Marianne James. The famous lyric singer is indeed obliged to follow the show in duplex. The reason ? After undergoing a PCR test as required before each television shoot, the artist discovered that she was a carrier of Covid-19. “Like all of us, Marianne James took a Covid test before this final, and it turned out to be positive,” said Karine Le Marchand on the air, before reassuring viewers: “She is fine, she is isolated at her, on her sofa and she will follow the show live “.

It is therefore in duplex that the Marianne James will comment on the tables offered by the candidates of the program. A news that did not fail to upset his fellow jurors. “We miss you my Marianne,” said Eric Antoine.

Fortunately, the applicant does not appear to be in pain. “I’m doing great, thank you all,” said Marianne James, smiling, to the audience’s applause. “She is very sad,” admitted Karine La Marchand all the same. Sad news which, we hope, did not upset the performance of the candidates.

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