The 23/11/2021
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It’s not only on stage that Alain Souchon does the show, guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the set of C à Vous, the very fit singer mentioned his lifelong accomplice Laurent Voulzy and revealed the astonishing genesis from the song J’veux du cuir …

It is a long and exceptional career that of Alain Souchon who was this November 23 the guest of Anne Elisabeth Lemoine in C à Vous sur France 5. The singer obviously evoked his partner of always Laurent Voulzy, their method of work and their passionate discussions which sometimes lead to great disappointments for one or the other of the two artists … Then Patrick Cohen took pains to remind the latter of a series of atypical songs made to “break the image of well-behaved singer in soft-spoken Mohair sweater “. The chronicler thus pushed Alain Souchon to tell the genesis of his 1985 hit J’veux du cuir which was not written by him, but by the great lyricist David McNeil, who, – specified Patrick Cohen – had written of many titles for Yves Montand.

Patrick Cohen reveals that the song was sent by the lyricist and by Yves Montand who wanted to challenge Souchon to get out of his comfort zone. “They were both in the south, confirmed Voulzy’s lifelong accomplice and they wrote to me ‘you’re not able to sing that’ and they sent me ‘I want leather, I want big boobs big asses’ because I was a bit locked into my bobo thing “he had fun. “It was signed David and Yves Montand so I said to myself ‘well if I have to be able to do that anyway’ but it amused me anyway” he recalled. “And then Laurent, it amused him also he specified” He made a music which is really really good anyway. 36 years later everyone still knows by heart the tune and the words of J’veux leather, Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy clearly rose to the challenge with panache …

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