A deafening noise echoed outside the Stade de France. That day, the Blues have been facing Germany for a quarter of an hour. Nobody imagines that a suicide bomber has just triggered his explosive belt. Four minutes later, second explosion. On the field, some players freeze. Police minesweeper on a routine mission for the match, Didier understands that he is now at the heart of an attack: “We hear the second explosion. So there, we say to ourselves: ‘we’re in it’. Everything becomes suspicious. , next to it, there is a gas cylinder, there is a street vendor’s bag. People have abandoned their belongings, everything has to be checked ”.

Almost at the same time, the commando des terraces opened fire on little Cambodia and the Carillon in the east of the capital. In less than two minutes, the terrorists fired 130 times. 400 meters further, two minutes later, another shooting. 9:36 pm, it is the restaurant “The beautiful team” which is targeted. Chief Warrant Officer Christophe, a firefighter who intervened that night, remembers an indescribable chaos. “We have about fifty people running in all directions, screaming, screaming, and with a lot of victims lying on top of each other. But we cannot save everyone and we will try to confine ourselves to those who are aware. It is a first thing ”. The commandos of the terraces left behind 39 dead and several dozen wounded.

At the Bataclan, 1,500 people attend the “Eagles of Death Metal” concert. A third commando rushed into the room and fired in a burst at the crowd. Those who can, escape through emergency exits. This is the start of a hostage-taking that will last more than 2 hours. Midnight eighteen, the final assault is given. “As we advanced, we found wounded that had to be taken care of. We opened toilet doors in which there were five, six people crammed. We saw people come out of electrical closets, false ceilings. People were hiding everywhere ”. A total of 90 people lost their lives at the Bataclan. Loïc is a scientific police officer. Accustomed to crime scenes, that of the Bataclan is unbearable: “We discover an unreal scene with all these entangled bodies”.

Six years later, that night remains for these police and firefighters their worst memory of intervention. This extraordinary trial, the largest criminal hearing ever organized in France, is to open at midday in the historic courthouse in Paris, under maximum security in a context of an ever-high terrorist threat. The special assize court must judge – until May 24 or 25, 2022 – 20 defendants, including Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the commandos guided by the Islamic State (IS) group who killed 130 people and more 350 wounded in Paris and Saint-Denis, and deeply traumatized the country.

Ten other men, imprisoned for the duration of the trial in Ile-de-France prisons, will take their places at his side in the box of the accused, tried for their participation in these attacks, the bloodiest of the post-war period in France. Three defendants will appear free under judicial supervision, six others will be tried by default. In total, twelve of the twenty defendants face life imprisonment.

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