Out of competition HUMAN THINGS by Yvan Attal
with Ben Attal, Suzanne Jouannet, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mathieu Kassovitz, Pierre Arditi, Audrey Dana, Benjamin Lavernhe, Judith Chemla …

With a film entirely centered on the subject of rape, questioning consent as hold, Yvan Attal has won his bet: to speak about this highly flammable theme, by calming the debate without denying the suffering of either side. Two parties with radically different points of view on the same event, to better define the area of ​​uncertainty, the one that will unite forever in the misfortune of the two protagonists, they alone knowing what really happened in this shed of maintenance of a Parisian park.

Mixing the fates of two families, well beyond the actions of their children, this fascinating film of 2:18, time necessary to install the unthinkable (the scenario skillfully avoids the expected story of harassment hanging in the face of the character played by Pierre Arditi, the father of the boy accused of rape …) is clearly divided into three parts. Presenting two points of view and then the trial that tries to disentangle them, this tense adaptation of Karine Tuil’s novel, Interallié prize and Goncourt prize for high school students in 2019, has both a flawless cast and dialogues where every word seems weighed. , the better to get out of stupid militancy, collective lynching or vain controversy. In short, a film of rare intelligence, both in purpose and in form.

Ref: https://www.abusdecine.com