As with the men, they are 38 at the start of this Olympic race. Who will succeed Jenny Rissveds, the Swedish, titled in 2016? Importantly, it rained a lot on Izu. But the rain stopped when we left.

Laura Stigger is in the lead. Loana Lecomte is in the wheel of the Austrian. Pauline Ferrand-Prévot is a little further. End of the start loop, Stigger and Lecomte are ahead. PFP 5th to 7 ”.

Jolanda Neff is leading. Very good start also from Linda Indergand for the moment 4th. Jenny Rissveds 9th at 17 ”. Evie Richards well placed too, as well as Sina Frei

Some sections are very slippery, it is difficult to cycle through. Sometimes it is better to dismount and run.

PFP and Neff break away. Loana Lecomte is further away, she is behind Frei. Fright of Neff on the Sakuza Drop. PFP fall in the scree on the way up. The bike slides downwards. PFP manages to start again but has lost a lot of time. PFP pointed at 26 ”. Even the smallest mistake can be costly.

Jolanda Neff is in the lead. Behind, we find Evie Richards. Loana Lecomte moved up to 3rd place ahead of the two Swiss Frei and Indergand.

End of the first round. Jolanda Neff is in front. Richards at 19 ”. Lecomte, Frei and indergand at 23 ” PFP and Terpstra at 31 ” Rissveds 10th at 1’02.

Behind Neff, there is a group with Richards, Indergand and Frei. Loana Lecomte and PFP are just behind the trio.

Neff in the lead. PFP is at 46 ”. Frei and Indergand at 56 ”. Lecomte 8th at 1’25.

Jolanda Neff continues her recital in the lead, but we have seen that anything can happen on this circuit. The difference is now greater than the minute.

It is a group of three that formed with Frei, Indergand and PFP. Loana Lecomte is in a group with Terpstra and Tauber at 1’40.

Jolanda Neff’s lead is 1’09. PFP seems to be struggling to keep up with the pace imposed by Frei, followed by Indergand.

Neff is still in the lead. Frei at 1’09. Indergand at 1’15. A Swiss trio is ahead.

Loana Lecomte is 4th at 2’06. Terpstra and Vaz are respectively 2’14 and 2’19. Indergand and Frei ride together. It is the podium that is at stake.

Jolanda Neff takes the lead. He has one lap left to claim the Olympic title. Indergand and Frei at 1’27.

Kata Blanca Vas is the surprise of this race, the young Hungarian who races in cyclo cross in winter is at 2’20. She had been a silver medalist at the World U21s behind Loana Lecomte in Leogang last October.

Jolanda Neff broke her wrist in Leogang in mid-June, it’s a great comeback for the Swiss who had to skip the World Cup in Les Gets in early July.

It’s made for JOLANDA NEFF Olympic champion! What a demonstration of the sacred Swiss woman at 28 years old. This is the first time that Switzerland has won the ladies’ race at the Olympic Games.

It’s a Swiss treble: SINA FREI wins the silver medal and LINDA INDERGAND the bronze!

A historic moment for mountain biking, it’s unheard of at the Olympic Games. Consider that the only Swiss medal for women in the history of the Games dates back to the silver won by Barbara Blatter in … 2000 in Sydney!

Superb 4th place for the Hungarian Kata Blanca Vas who got the better of Anne Terpstra on the last lap.

1. J. Neff (SUI) 1h15’46”0
2. S. Frei (SUI) 1h16’57”0
3. L. Indergand (SUI) 1h17’05”0
4. K. Vas (HON) 1h17’55”0
5. A. Terpstra (NED) 1h18’21”0
6. L. Lecomte (FRA) 1h18’43”0
7. E. Richards (ENG) 1h19’09”0
8. Y. Belomoina (UKR) 1h19’40”0
9. H. Batten (USA) 1h20’13”0
10. P. Ferrand-Prevot (FRA) 1h20’18”0
11. A. Tauber (NED) 1h20’18”0
12. M. Degn (DAN) 1h20’34”0
13. C. Bohe (DAN) 1h20’57”0
14. J. Rissveds (SUE) 1h21’28”0
15. K. Courtney (USA) 1h22’19”0
16. D. Campuzano Chavez Peon (MEX) 1h22’50”0
17. J. Loiv (EST) 1h23’17”0
18. C. Pendrel (CAN) 1h23’47”0
19. R. Eibl (ALL) 1h23’59”0
20. M. Wloszczowska (POL) 1h24’25”0
21. T. Zakelj (SLO) 1h24’38”0
22. J. Cabelicka (RTC) 1h25’00”0
23. S. Gomez Villafane 1h25’13”0
24. C. Lill (AFSUD) 1h26’20”0
25. E. Lechner (ITA) 1h26’26”0
26. R. Garcia Martinez (ESP) 1h26’32”0
27. R. Queiros (POR) 1h27’46”0
28. R. McConnell (AUS) 1h30’29”0
29. H. Smith (CAN)
30. V. Kirsanova (ROC)
31. E. Huck (USA)
32. E. Brandau (ALL)
33. G. Michiels (BEL)
34. B. Yao (CHN)
35. J. Mourao (BRE)
36. Mr. Imai (JAP)
37. M. Vorster (NAM)

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