Lately, Vanessa Paradis skimmed the festivals. After a remarkable climb of the steps of Cannes alongside her husband Samuel Benchetrit last July, we found her at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival at the end of August.

The artist’s appearances seemed to focus on cinematic events… But in secret, she was preparing a comeback. His soft voice mingles with that of Adrien Gallo who invites him to his title Les clochettes de Mai, taken from the album Where the willows do not cry. The singer, who we knew in a rather rock register within BB Brunes, is revealed in a second solo opus placed under the sign of poetry.

The duo immerses us in a dreamlike atmosphere, with, for only one central element: a piano. Vanessa Paradis is simply sumptuous. It makes a divine appearance in a refined setting and without any overload. Only her dress is imbued with fantasy. Her silhouette is molded in a sublime creation enhanced with ruffles and frills, like a bewitching butterfly in its chrysalis. The precious and metallic fabric is adorned with blue and silver reflections. Iridescent shimmers appear with each of his movements. Vanessa Paradis turns into a living sculpture.

The comments under the video are unanimous. The duet is perfect, the combination of voices is heavenly, the clip is enchanting … “A pure Paradise thank you to you two, great artists we love”, “Very beautiful clip. Your voices match wonderfully. Thank you for this nugget ”,“ The clip is beautiful and Vanessa is still as sublime as if time had no hold on her. “,” Very very nice BRAVO clip. And what a lovely song, magic duet thank you “or:” How beautiful but how beautiful. Vanessa still beautiful and this way of looking at Adrien gives me goosebumps ”.

Vanessa Paradis with a splendid dress in the clip Les clochettes de Mai © YouTube screenshot

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