Valérie Pécresse and Gérald Darmanin were still allies a few years ago. Face to face this Thursday evening on France 2, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic affirmed that, “yes, there are too many immigrants in France.”

“When we have an immigration that is uncontrolled, when the laws are not respected, we let in the people we have not chosen”, she laments, adding that “we also have an integration failure, it can disrupt a nation “.

“We need to reduce the flow because we can no longer integrate correctly”, regrets the president of the Île-de-France region. “I would like to make asylum at the border, that is to say that the request is at the entry of the territory, and if we ask for it in a prefecture, we are assigned to a dedicated place and in a month we have answer.”

For his part, Gérald Darminin said that France was doing better than its neighbors: “When Germany accepts 50% of asylum requests, we accept 30%. Germany has twice as many foreigners as France. , but also twice as many foreigners in an irregular situation “.

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