The National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (Cnil) said on Tuesday that it had warned the municipality of Valenciennes, in the North, on the use of its video protection device provided by Huawei, in the “particularly intrusive character”, confirming information from Mediapart.

The “provision” of cameras “allows the company Huawei to have a showcase in France”, we can read in the report of the control carried out on the spot on February 12, 2020, also posted online by Mediapart.

The various tools made available include “an automated license plate reading device” as well as “assisted image analysis devices”.

The automated reading of license plates “has, according to the indications provided by the municipality, the objective of responding automatically to requests from the police”, explains the Commission in its warning . However, “a processing of automatic reading of license plates could not be implemented lawfully by the municipality of Valenciennes in order to meet the demands of the police”, she estimated. ©.

Regarding the assisted image analysis devices, “as is”, “the need” for its processing “does not appear to be established with regard to the purposes pursued”, is “likely to create a high risk for the rights and freedoms of natural persons” and allows “the systematic surveillance of persons circulating in public spaces on a city scale” .

“The warning is not a public decision but was intended to warn the data controller that the device envisaged, but not used by the municipality, did not comply with the law in force concerning the protection of personal data, “Cnil told AFP on Tuesday.

“No sanction or formal notice has been made public in this area, but it is a recurrent subject of control”, added the Commission.

The town hall, for its part, did not respond to AFP’s requests. On its website, it indicates that in this city of 43,000 inhabitants, “308 cameras were installed in 2019 (183 street cameras, 35 at the station and 90 in buildings open to the public) “.

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