Jordi Alba sends a powerful cross towards the entrance to the area, where Antoine Griezmann lacks a little spontaneity to shoot from the left. His attempt is ultimately thwarted.

Maxi Gomez throws again full center and sends Guedes on the left side. The Portuguese got back on his right foot to get Correia at the far post, who threw himself in without being able to frame his recovery by tackling!

The referee waited before validating the goal for a possible foul on Ter Stegen, but his assistant saw no objectionable gesture. Goal !

On Carlos Soler’s corner from the left, Ter Stegen missed his exit, hampered by Correia and Pedri. Gabriel Paulista lost company to Lenglet at the far post and concluded with a diving header into the deserted goal!

Soler leads the counter full axis and sends Guedes into the depth at the entrance to the surface. The Portuguese took advantage of Pique’s too early tackle to face Ter Stegen and shoot from the goalkeeper!

The game resumes on the same lines as the end of the first half, with Barca dominating with the ball, but struggling to break through the defense.

Faced with a well-organized Valencia team that suffers without giving up too much space, Barça is struggling to create opportunities. Antoine Griezmann touches few balls despite the many crosses from the left side of Alba and Lenglet. The Catalans must do better to come back to Real.

Lenglet crosses from the left corner of the box, but Pedri slams into Racic at the penalty spot. Free kick in favor of Che.

Another center in front of the goal for Antoine Griezmann, who had not anticipated, and remains far too short. Barça’s game is a bit stereotypical.

On a long clearance from Cillessen, Maxi Gomez struggles with Araujo, who ends up imposing his physical power. His opponent remains on the ground after receiving a knee blow in the back of the head, falling.

Jordi Alba is served on the left of the box and crosses hard in front of the goal, where Griezmann, then Pedri behind him, are a little short to deflect the ball.

Long sterile possession for Barça. Lionel Messi finally tries to speed up the game with a pass in the meantime for Alba, behind the defense. Correia intercepts.

About thirty meters from the goal, in the axis, Lionel Messi tries a cross in the package, but no one touches the ball. Goal kick ahead for Cillessen.

Yellow card for Racic, for protecting his ball by putting his arm in Pedri’s face.

This first period is played at a leisurely pace. Set pieces are hit in a good minute each time, and the passing repetitions could be faster.

Soler combines with Correia on the right-hand corner. The second named sends a cross to the penalty spot, pushed back by Pique in front of Gabriel Paulista.