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The last time we saw Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, he had just escaped with the Tesseract – or maybe he escaped with him. Either way, with Infinity Stone in hand, Loki broke up and created an entirely new timeline of adventures. We finally got a look at what’s going on – and a release date: Loki arrives at Disney in May 2021.

Marvel isn’t going to make you remember what happened in Endgame: this teaser goes straight back to the moment Loki disappeared with the stone and takes on it . . . somewhere else. It doesn’t take long before he’s locked up (again!) In a place called TVA, where time doesn’t work as the scammer might expect. (The trailer doesn’t tell you what TVA stands for: it’s the Time Variance Authority that keeps an eye on alternative realities. ) As Owen Wilson tells him, “You will catch up. ”

Every beautiful shot of this teaser is an incredible joke: is this the red bob of the black widow that we briefly see? What about the prison collars? Why do you see projections of moments from Loki’s past? How is Loki spiced up in modern clothes and on the plane?

“Brother? Heimdall? You’d better be ready, ”Loki says before disappearing into a rainbow splash in midair. Many things could be possible on this timeline. We’ll find out in May, which can’t be here soon enough.

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News – USA – The first look at Loki teases his landing in a strange world
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First look at Loki teases his landing in a strange world

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