A few days before the start of the fourth and last Grand Slam of the season, which will take place from August 30 to September 12, the figures for the endowments of the US Open have been revealed. On its website, the tournament organization reveals that the sum that will be paid to the players represents 57.5 million US dollars, or just over 49 million euros. This is a record, with the previous biggest prize money being $ 57.24 million in 2019.

The American tournament, which was the first to achieve parity between men and women in 1973, has chosen to change its strategy regarding its endowments. In comparison to the 2020 edition, the organization has chosen to lower the prize money of the singles winners by $ 500,000 and that of the finalists by 250,000. On the other hand, the amounts allocated to players eliminated during the first four rounds are up (23%) as is the endowment of the winners of tournaments in doubles, which goes from 400,000 to 660,000 dollars per pair. The sums for qualifications are up 66% to approach the trifle of $ 6 million.

US Open prize money for 2021Total compensation of $ 57.5 million, compared with 57.24 million in 2019 & $ 53.4 million in 2020Singles champ prize money down 500K from 2020 & finalists down 250K to allow for greater compensation for qualifiers and early-round losers pic.twitter.com / e6f4u6WMzM

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