Fortnite update 17.50 is just around the corner, and we expect it to be significant as this is the last update before Season 7 ends. So check out the expected changes.

As season 7 of Fortnite is coming to an end, for many players, it is one of the best of recent greasy years, especially with exciting additions like the mother ship mini-game, or the concert of ‘Ariana Grande, as well as the various DC Comics skins, Superman…

But since we’re only two weeks away from the start of Season 8, we’re entering the home stretch before the big final event to complete the alien story!

Below you’ll find everything we know about Update 17.50 so far, including the withdrawal of Corny Complex, the return of Kevin the Cube, and plenty of bugfixes to make sure everything is going well until the end of season 7.

The start of the 17.50 update live stream is expected to begin on Tuesday, August 31 at around 10 a.m.

Based on previous updates this season, the maintenance time could be anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the amount of content added.

At the moment, we don’t have a lot of details on the upcoming Season 7 finale event yet, but update 17.50 should add all the necessary files for it.

A countdown timer should appear on Friday, September 3, however, similar to the previous Rift Tour countdown.

Over the past few weeks, Coral Castle and Slurpy Swamp have been abducted by aliens in their fight against the Imaginary Order, which makes sense, given that the base of the Imaginary Order is hidden beneath the Corny Complex.

It’s likely that this kidnapping will be the catalyst for what will happen in the Season 7 finale.

Throughout Season 7, numerous teasers, from both developers and dataminers have spoken of the return of the famous Kevin the Cube, the mysterious object that wreaked havoc in Chapter 1 of Season X.

While we don’t know when Kevin the Cube will make his return, it’s likely that it has something to do with the final event of Season 7. If it doesn’t, then we can expect to see him arrive at the end of the season. start of season 8.

It won’t arrive with Update 17.50, but leaks have hinted that a crossover with the latest Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will hit Fortnite on Thursday, September 2.

In addition to the new features listed above, Epic Games will also be fixing a number of bugs in this update to improve the overall gaming experience.

And that’s all we know so far about the 17.50 update. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @FortniteGameFR so you don’t miss a thing when this new patch is released.

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