On the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, former Republican President Donald Trump spoke publicly on Saturday. He took the opportunity to denounce the “horrible” withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the “incompetence” of Joe Biden in his handling of the end of the United States’ longest war.

“It’s horrible what happened” in Afghanistan, he told the police who had greeted him warmly. “It looks like we retreated, we gave up, they used the word ‘capitulate’,” he added. “We did not capitulate, our personnel did not capitulate and our soldiers certainly did not. (…) We fled Afghanistan, what horrible timing (before) the 20th anniversary” of the attacks, he said. , before visiting a nearby fire station where he also received an enthusiastic welcome.

The Trump administration reached an agreement with Islamist fighters in February 2020, which provided for an American withdrawal in May 2021 in exchange for security assurances. His successor, Joe Biden, postponed the end of the withdrawal until August 31, but he was taken aback by the onslaught of the Taliban.

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