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Happy birthday to Benoit Mandelbrot, the man whose interests helped develop the way we see the world around us.

Current doodles pay tribute to the 96th birthday of the Polish-born, French and American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, popularly known as the “father of fractal geometry”.

Mandelbrot’s pioneering research was instrumental in introducing the world to the influential idea of ​​fractals – discrete but unlimited forms in reformulating numerical forms found in nature and our everyday beings.. .

Mandelbrot was born on this day in 1924 in Warsaw, Poland to custodians of the heritage of the Lithuanian Jews.. From being a neighborhood chess champion to a surrogate of his father’s set of guides, at a young age Mandelbrot was introduced to science and mathematics into everyday existence..

In 1936 the family emigrated to France, and Mandelbrot embarked on a quest after his studies in both Paris and the United States, and he obtained his doctorate in 1952.

In 1958, Mandelbrot began working at the IBM Watson Research Center in New York, where his investigations into unconventional repetitions in signal noise provided an early impetus for his heavy work.

As one of the early pioneers in using computers in research, he later used a basic automated typewriter to build an account displaying earthly shapes found in nature..

In 1975, he composed the now popular term “fractal geometry” to depict these numerical wonders; With the arrival of his book The Fractal Geometry of Nature in 1982, Mandelbrot’s work reached the world, always modifying the field of applied science.

Mandelbrot has set out to receive countless honors for his work, remembering the 1993 Wolf Foundation for Physics award.

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Benoit Mandelbrot

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