On the death of Uncle David, his children had launched a fund to finance his funeral but also the release of his posthumous album. A project that will indeed see the light of day, as the interested parties have confided on Facebook.

The news is still difficult for reggae fans to digest. On February 16, BFM TV announced the death of singer Tonton David at the age of 53. The latter had died in hospital two days after having suffered a stroke leaving a train in Metz, while returning from Paris. Information that had been confirmed a few hours later by relatives of the deceased, who had specified that he was suffering from fatigue and headaches lately.

A pioneer of reggae, Tonton David had seen his notoriety explode in 1994. That year the song Each his way was published, popularized by the film An Indian in the City with Thierry Lhermitte and Ludwig Briand. But he was preparing to make his comeback on the front of the music scene. Just before his death he had indeed worked on a new album, which he had not had time to finalize. To honor his memory and allow this project to see the light of day, his children had therefore set up a kitty on the Internet.

As the children of Uncle David had specified, the purpose of this fund was above all to finance the funeral of the singer. But they did not rule out using part of the money to carry out his final musical project. A dream that they finally made a reality, as they announced on Facebook in the caption of a photo of their deceased father.

“In recent months, many of you have testified to your sadness, your support and your attachment to Tonton David. As a result, we are going to finish making his latest album ‘Un Job ou un Biz’, which is scheduled for release in early 2022. We made the choice to take the time in order to offer an ultimate album at the height of his career, while respecting the identity and artistic choices, “said the family and relatives of Tonton David. The opportunity for the singer’s fans to hear the sound of his voice one last time …

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