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United Nations, August 31 (Prensa Latina) UN Secretary General (UNSG) António Guterres warned on Monday of the impending loss of biodiversity and called for greater measures to prevent further damage.

In Commenting on a high-level virtual meeting to develop a new global framework to combat biodiversity loss, Guterres underlined the need for commitment, ambition and credibility. “If humans and farm animals continue to penetrate wild habitats, we run the risk of unleashing terrifying new pandemics,” he warned. He also urged governments to shift the “perverse subsidies” that are destroying healthy soils, polluting our water and draining oceans of fish, species, functioning ecosystems and carbon stocks for generations to come. He also stressed the need to strengthen the leadership of indigenous peoples and local communities whose lands comprise much of the world’s remaining biodiversity – the world’s one million species are at risk of extinction, wiping out options for society, from medicines to Food, and Leads to Critical Solutions to Mitigation and Adaptation in the Face of Climate Change, Guterres said. Humanity is now waging an absurd and self-destructive war against nature, and peace must be declared as soon as possible, only courageous action on the ground can contain the biodiversity crisis, he added.pgh / Pll / ga / ifb


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