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UNITED NATIONS – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on Monday courageous measures to protect biodiversity.

“Biodiversity is collapsing and we are the losers … ecosystems are suffering. The oceans are overfished, choked with plastic and acidic. And every year we destroy 10 million hectares of forest, ”he told PreCOP Biodiversity 2021, a high-level event that Colombia will take place ahead of the upcoming 15th) in Kunming, China.

“ When people and cattle move further into wild habitats advance, we run the risk of creating terrifying new pandemics. As we reduce the diversity and abundance of life, we are depriving society of options – from medicines to food to the critical solutions we need to mitigate and adapt to climate change. And when we degrade and destroy ecosystems around the world, we undermine their ability to absorb emissions and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, “he said.

” Humanity is waging a senseless and self-destructive war against the nature. We have to declare peace. This must be a priority for everyone and everywhere, ”he said.

Only courageous local action can end the biodiversity crisis, he said. “The future of humanity depends on our joint efforts. That is why today I call on all countries to make strong, credible commitments and to take ambitious action. The world needs you to demonstrate leadership and political will. Let’s work together to preserve all life on earth so that humans and nature can benefit from it. ”There is a need for a global framework for post-2020 biodiversity that inspires everyone – governments, businesses and citizens – around the world to act . Everyone must act on the understanding that protecting nature will create a fairer, healthier and more sustainable world, he said. “The world is relying on an ambitious deal that engages all stakeholders and provides us with the tools to to change our relationship with nature. The plan must reflect the full value of biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, including – and especially – their value to our economies. ”There is a need to support agriculture and fisheries that do not overexploit and destroy nature. There is a need for ecosystems that will help the world adapt to climate change and build resilience. Governments must shift the perverse subsidies that destroy healthy soils, pollute water, and empty the oceans of fish to those that incentivize conservation efforts. Countries need to provide more, larger, and better-managed protected areas to protect species, functioning ecosystems, and carbon stocks for this and future generations. There is also a need to protect and strengthen the leadership of indigenous peoples and local communities, whose lands comprise much of the world’s remaining biodiversity, he said.

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