Vaccination centers and 5G antennas were probably not the only targets of RÃ © my Daillet, this influential figure in the conspiracy sphere. Indicted on October 22 for terrorism, this former modem executive, set up a coup d’etat project from Malaysia, dubbed “Operation Azur”, to attempt to overthrow the French government and seize the Palais de lâ ?? Èlysée.

The investigation by the French intelligence services reveals a network of regional cells with nearly 300 supporters more or less involved in the unfolding of it. operation. Among them, several former soldiers, gendarmes and police officers, some of whom took part in the kidnapping of little Mia.

During the year 2020, it is notably on his Youtube channel, thanks to the success of his anti-tax and conspiratorial videos in which he launches calls for ???? insurrection, which he manages to recruit and establish a real “territorial network” to prepare for this “Operation Azur”.

Ultimate objective of the operation: “to take possession of the Élysée and the key points of the capital” such as the city. National Assembly and the Senate. According to “Le Parisien”, once “at the Palais, RÃ © my Daillet would deliver a great speech. Meanwhile, activists would storm a television channel or radio station to broadcast their propaganda. “

Contacted, RÃ © my Daillet’s lawyer affirms that his client disputes any terrorist project. Â € œRÃ © my Daillet did nothing but call, from Malaysia, for the peaceful and popular overthrow of the political system in place as part of the exercise of its freedom © of expression, opinion and conscience “.

Investigators got their hands on a list of 36 people named “area captains” as part of the secret operation. They need to determine their level of commitment to the project. So far, 12 individuals, some of whom had already obtained material to make explosives, have been indicted.