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Follow the live coverage when a violent mob broke through the Capitol Building. One person has reportedly died.

To the Editor: Now that Donald Trump has decided to tarnish the Presidential Medal of Freedom by giving it to the Representatives. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who among the living worthy holders of this medal will be the first to be thrown in a dumpster in front of the White House before next week?

To the editor: Emperors were always ready to invalidate the coinage as long as their face was on it.

To the editor: The Medal of Freedom for Representatives. Nunes and Jordan? What’s next, the purple heart for Humpty Dumpty?

Describes Trump’s phone call to Georgia’s top election official as “terrifying”, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger suggested repenting his vote for president now.

Members of the Indonesian counter-terrorism police on Wednesday shot dead and arrested 18 others who they believe were linked to a deadly suicide attack in a Roman Catholic cathedral in the southern Philippines. The two men Muhammad Rizaldy, 46, and his son-in-law Sanjai Ajis, 23, were fatally shot by police after resisting arrest in a robbery on a house in Makassar, including a machete and an air rifle, capital of the southern province. Sulawesi, said the spokesman for the national police, Ahmad Ramadhan.

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Former Trump mayor and other allies only release statements after violent rioters clash with law enforcement and break through the Capitol Building

International experts from the World Health Organization trying to investigate the origins of the coronavirus in China continue to encounter roadblocks in downtown Wuhan a year after it began. The delay in the WHO mission, already plagued by politics and attitudes, adds to ongoing concerns that China will whitewash and thwart the investigation. In fact, a WHO team of two who went on a three-week mission last August to work out plans for further studies went through a 14-day quarantine on arrival and never visited Wuhan. It happens when Beijing embarks on a relentless propaganda campaign to distract from its cover-up and rewrite the narrative – all with the aim of claiming the coronavirus originating in China. Officials have put forward a number of conspiracy theories, including blaming the US military for infecting China. The most recent disregarded theory is that imported frozen seafood is the culprit. Foreign Minister Wang Yi has even claimed that the virus appeared in many countries and that China was simply the first to discover it. “We drove to report on the epidemic first,” he told the state media. Mr. Wang’s comments are a far cry from the experiences of doctors, including the late Li Wenliang and Ai Fen, who were both reprimanded by Chinese authorities after discovering coronavirus infections and warning colleagues in December 2018.

Sen. . Mitt Romney, R-Utah, put the blame for the chaos that played out at the Capitol on Wednesday firmly on the shoulders of his Republican counterparts: “You got this, folks,” Romney could be heard shouting as “Chaos in the. “Senate Chamber, apparently addressed to his colleagues who brought charges of pressing Mr.. Trump’s false claims of a stolen election, “reports the New York Times. On Wednesday afternoon, protesters broke into the Capitol, flooded the building and broke into both chambers of Congress, putting lawmakers into frightened lockdowns. Romney, who was taking refuge with some of the press, reportedly called The Times’ Jonathan Martin to announce, “This is what the President caused today, this riot. “More stories from the week. com Trump claims he will lead the march to the Capitol only to get back to the White House in Motorcade 7, alerting him of Trump’s Georgia phone call. Democrat Jon Ossoff is set to win the seat in the Georgia Senate

The Pakistani Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered authorities to rebuild a centuries-old Hindu temple that was destroyed and set on fire by a mob last week, condemned by the government and minority Hindu leaders. The court ruled after authorities said they had arrested more than 100 people for attacking the temple, and several police officers were fired for neglecting to protect the building. Pakistani radical Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam supporters and local residents attacked the building after being instigated by a local clergyman who opposed the proposed renovation of the temple.

President Trump called on his supporters on Wednesday who stormed the U.. S.. . Capitol Building to “go home in peace.”. “I know you are injured,” Trump said in a pre-recorded video posted on Twitter. “We had a choice that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election. Everyone knows, especially the other side, but you have to go home now. “> Picture. Twitter. com / Pm2PKV0Fp3 >> – Donald J.. . Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 6. January 2021, he added: “We must have peace. We must have law and order. We must respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. “A chaotic scene occurred on Wednesday afternoon when protesters stormed the U.. S.. . Capitol Building, clash with law enforcement and forcing evacuation of the House and Senate as Congress convened to count the votes of the electoral college to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Earlier on Wednesday, President Trump held a Save America rally in front of the White House, falsely telling supporters that the elections had been rigged and that he had won a landslide. He also encouraged his followers to march to the Capitol. The National Guard for Washington and Virginia has been activated to respond to the riots, according to the New York Times, and the mayor put the city under curfew from 6 p.m.. m.

In his opposition to the vote count for President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday, Sen. . Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested that Congress “follow the precedent” of yet another controversial election. In 1877, just a few years after the end of the Civil War, a controversial election was settled with a bipartisan electoral commission that appointed former Republican President Rutherford B.. But Hayes in the White House also put an end to most of the reconstruction efforts to end slavery and white supremacy in the south. The 1877 commission allowed the Jim Crow laws to gain a foothold in the south and remain almost a century later. But without much regard for that racist story, Cruz suggested that today’s Congress should follow the 1877 leadership. > “I would like to urge that we follow the 1877 precedent,” says Senator Ted Cruz. >> The non-partisan electoral commission that Cruz speaks of has been widely viewed as a disaster https: // t. co / azXMO0zfYw pic. Twitter. com / dLSuPLrvcO >> – Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) 6. January 2021. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn. ) followed with a full outline of Cruz’s reasoning and why Cruz didn’t also contest the elections for dozens of members of the House of Representatives who were elected in the same votes. And then Sen came along. . Pat Toomey (R-Pa. ) a Republican from a swing state won Biden. In spite of the support and campaign for Trump, Toomey was also not on the side of the Republican opposition, but asked how much a “commission” would do for the undisputed census. More stories from the week. com Trump claims he will lead the march to the Capitol only to get back to the White House in Motorcade 7, alerting him of Trump’s Georgia phone call. Democrat Jon Ossoff is set to win the seat in the Georgia Senate

Hundreds of Shiite minorities continued in southwest Pakistan on Wednesday for a fourth day in a row to protest the Islamic state group’s murder of 11 Shiite Hazara miners. Despite Prime Minister Imran Khan’s request that the miners be buried, family members insisted that they only do so when Prime Minister Imran Khan visits them personally to ensure their protection.

Supporters of President Trump broke into the spokeswoman for house spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif). ) Offices on Wednesday during the Capitol storm, turning tables, peeling photos off walls, and lounging at her desk:> Extremist who took over Nancy Pelosi’s office, according to Fox News. picture. Twitter. com / byRnH8U93n >> – Ryan Lizza (@RyanLizza) 6. CNN and Getty Images also took pictures of a note scrawled on the back of one of Pelosi’s folders and had them find it and read, “We won’t back down. “> This is scary. >> Someone went to Nancy Pelosi’s office and left this note on her desk: “We’re not going back. “Picture. Twitter. com / LMx0os5f6P >> – Alexis Benveniste (@apbenven) 6. January 2021 While lawmakers sought refuge in an undisclosed location, MSNBC confirmed that Pelosi is safe. More stories from the week. com Trump claims he will lead the march to the Capitol only to get back to the White House in Motorcade 7, alerting him of Trump’s Georgia phone call. Democrat Jon Ossoff is set to win the seat in the Georgia Senate

The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. The new coronavirus doesn’t have to go directly into brain tissue to damage it, according to a new study. “We were completely surprised,” said co-author Dr. . Avindra Nath of the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke in a statement.

Hong Kong’s outgoing chief judge said Tuesday that calls for reform of the city’s judiciary cannot be based on dissatisfaction with court rulings as pro-Beijing figures and state media heightened criticism of the city’s legal system. “The position of the judiciary has been the same all along. In recent weeks, Chinese officials and state media have accused the courts in the semi-autonomous city of misinterpreting Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, in judging last year’s anti-democracy protests.

“The phone could have been in the hands of a 90-year-old grandma, an Asian person. . . Someone black or blue, ”said the lawyer for 22-year-old Miya Ponsetto.

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Rudy Giuliani is ready for a fight. A real, physical fight. Yes, that’s exactly what the former New York mayor and top attorney for President Trump suggested at a rally in Washington on Wednesday. C.. . As some Republicans in Congress prepared to object to the electoral college votes proving the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, Giuliani proposed a different way of conducting their campaign: “process through struggle”. “The 2020 presidential election has already been decided and senior officials on either side of the aisle have found no evidence of fraud that could have affected the results. Even so, Trump’s closest allies have been spreading unsubstantiated fraud allegations over the past two months, to the point that doing so has jeopardized Republican turnout in Tuesday’s Georgia Senate runoff election and has cost the GOP its hold on the body. A swath of these Trump supporters descended on D.. C.. . Wednesday for a rally outside Congress where Giuliani and other objectors to the crowd repeated their lies. Giuliani repeated false claims about voting machines in key states that Biden had won, insisting that he see the machines that turned out to be “fraudulent” ballot papers (they didn’t). . After all, Giuliani said he and Trump were both willing to “put our reputations on looking for fraud -” if we’re wrong, we’re being fooled, “he added. “So let’s try a fight,” suggested Giuliani. > “In the next 10 days we will see the crooked machines, the fraudulent ballots. And when we’re wrong, we’re fooled. But if we are right and many of them go to jail. So – let’s make a fight attempt “- Giuliani picture. Twitter. com / QAYvnplCj7 >> – Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) 6. January 2021 Giuliani also seemed to get involved in this fight with his entrance music: “Macho Man”, of which Giuliani may not have known that he was already mocking Trump Saturday Night Live. > Rudy Giuliani arrives with “Macho Man” as a musical image. Twitter. com / D2cuirmEyI >> – Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) 6. January 2021More stories from the week. com Trump claims he will lead the march to the Capitol only to get back to the White House in Motorcade 7, alerting him of Trump’s Georgia phone call. Democrat Jon Ossoff is set to win the seat in the Georgia Senate

What is known so far: Christine Angelica Dacera, a 23-year-old member of the Philippine Airlines cabin crew, was found dead in a bathtub at the City Garden Hotel in Makati City on New Year’s Day, local media reported. The day before, Dacera checked into the four-star hotel with three people: Rommel Galida, Gregorio Angelo Rafael De Guzman and John Dela Serna. A lawyer from the victim’s family said these men were from the adjoining hotel room.

President Trump is again calling for Vice President Mike Pence to magically turn the election over to him. As Congress convened to count the votes and confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, thousands of Trump supporters gathered to hear the president and his allies put forward arguments against the entire process. And after weeks of false claims about how the elections went, Trump hasn’t changed his mind. He and his allies spent the rally claiming that electoral fraud actually brought Biden the victory, despite officials on both sides of the aisle saying there was no evidence of election fraud. And in the end, Trump urged Pence, who will oversee the joint session of Congress, again to “stand up for the good of our constitution” and block the vote. “And if you don’t, I’ll be very disappointed in you,” Trump continued. > “Mike Pence, I hope you are working for the good of our Constitution and for the good of our country. And if you are not, I’ll be very disappointed in you, I’ll tell you in a moment. I don’t hear good stories. “- Trump picture. Twitter. com / RyZZpxGrqZ >> – Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) 6. January 2021 But almost at the same time, Pence confirmed that he would not listen to Trump’s threats. He made a statement declaring the voting rights certification process was just beginning. He does not believe that the Constitution gives him the power to “determine which votes should and should not be counted. “. “So he will be available when Republicans challenge some states’ votes but do not try to block the census, as Trump falsely claimed he could. “. > BREAKING: Pence won’t try to block Biden’s image of voters. Twitter. com / rMyq3Wmgil >> – Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) 6. January 2021More stories from the week. com Trump claims he will lead the march to the Capitol only to get back to the White House in Motorcade 7, alerting him of Trump’s Georgia phone call. Democrat Jon Ossoff is set to win the seat in the Georgia Senate

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pressure on teacher & # 39; is significant& # 39;

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