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Parody advertising, an Instagram flood and an online petition under the motto’ BooWho? ‘ are just a few of the tactics used to disrupt Boohoo’s Black Friday advertising campaign by labor rights group Labor Behind the Label. Instead, buyers are told that workers who make Boohoo clothing have not been paid properly

The nonprofit says the Leicester factory workers only made £ 3. 50 ($ 4). 38) per hour – compared to the £ 8 minimum wage. 72 – and wants Boohoo to act responsibly by compensating her for the underpayment.

“Repeated studies have shown that boohoo clothing was made by illegally low-paid workers, who worked long hours, got paid by false payrolls and duplicate records,” says Anna Bryher of Labor Behind the Label. “Boohoo’s GBP3. Factory workers owe 50 per hour, which can add up to millions.

“While Boohoo may intend to clean up its plot, cutting and leaving factories without taking responsibility for the past is not acceptable. Leicester workers have a debt and Boohoo has to pay it back. “

Activists also cite inside evidence from industry sources that Boohoo systematically severed ties with dozens of Leicester factories with which they have long-standing relationships without taking responsibility for the ongoing problems workers face.

Boohoo founder and billionaire Mahmud Kamani has reportedly held meetings with Leicester suppliers in Dubai in recent days, the campaign group has been told. A select number of trusted Leicester factory owners were flown on a trip with all expenses paid to thank them for their loyalty, to discuss boohoo production in the city and, ostensibly, to offer advice on adding new suppliers to Pakistan.

The Boohoo Group has been the subject of repeated illegal pay investigations this year after media reports surfaced in July that one of its Leicester-based supplier factories underpaid paying employees who were working in unsafe conditions and in violation of UK coronavirus lockdowns.

The retailer’s independent review found evidence that illegally low wage claims were legitimate and widespread among suppliers in Leicester.

Boohoo this week appointed retired Judge Sir Brian Leveson to chair a second independent review of the company’s supply chain and ethics.

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