As in the series, Ugo Didier finished with the 4th fastest time in the 100m backstroke. At 19, the young Frenchman did not seem to be in the rhythm: 6th halfway through the race, he hit the wall in 1’2”29, while the Russian Bogdan Mozgovoï won in 1’1 ‘ ’65. Too bad, but he knew what was at stake. Five days after his silver medal in the 400m (S9), Ugo Didier had to switch to a completely different effort.

“A lapse of time to master, both positive and negative, he guessed. These four days of waiting can be a trap. I’m not going to have to get lost. I will have to try to develop speed. There, we were more on land work, with a lot of power on our hands. We will have to switch to speed, explosiveness, while keeping this power in the arms to be the best possible on 100m backstroke. “

On arrival, Ugo Didier admitted “a lot of frustration, disappointment”. “I’m quite far from my best time, I wanted to swim on the basics of the world record, I thought it was going to swim on those basics. Obviously, it did not happen. For the next time. “

As in the series, the French did not feel well in the water. “It gets stuck a bit at the end of the race, I lack power in the arms, I go through arm arm, left arm a little. My start is not perfect, my casting is not perfect, my turn is not perfect … At this price, it starts to do a lot. We are on a Paralympic final, it depends on the details. Unhappy with my performance, obviously. May that serve as a lesson for me for the 200m medley and the future. “

Three months ago, if he had been crowned European champion in the 400m and 200m medley in Funchal, the young man born with club feet and atrophy of the lower limbs had to be satisfied with the medal of silver in the 100m backstroke, while he was the title holder, was even crowned world champion in the specialty in 2017.

“I am still hungry for the money in the 100m backstroke, I may have lacked physical freshness. But the game is only postponed for Tokyo, ”he said at the time. This Monday, he failed to correct the situation. “For some time now, I have had very bad feelings in my back, regrets Ugo Didier. I can’t seem to develop as much speed as I would like. “

There remains the 200m medley, where he will aim for a podium. “The goal is to improve my time, to get a podium,” he warns. It will be complicated because the 200m medley is not a race that I particularly like. It really hurts. We will have to go to the mind. Especially since we will be at the end of the week, fatigue will be felt. But I can leave all my energy there. “